References and information sources

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    • Includes a lot of information about the 16-slot and 24-slot navigation slot structure, and the UHF back-channel.
    • Also includes information on what can be assumed to be the Mk1 Locator (68008 processor, -110dBm RF sensitivity)
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    • Expands on Banks' earlier (1989) paper, giving more information on system accuracy and the setup of the navigation transmitters.
    • Contains some information on the versions of Datatrak Locator hardware available at the time, apparently Mk.I and Mk.II.
    • Installation cost is quoted as being under £1,000 in 1991, equivalent to roughly £2,195 in 2020.
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  • Antenna
  • Locator and algorithms
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      • Covers the coarse/fine acquisition process and lane estimation.
      • Includes information on the three-LOP position error calculation.

“Vectorsum”, Digital Spy forums, 14th April 2016.

A Datatrak mast, eh? I didn't know any of those were still standing…. OT for the 'AM Deathwatch', but I worked for Securicor in the early nineties, with the PMR tentacle down in Radstock, in what was then Avon.

The techs downstairs who had been trained to service the Datatrak VHF/UHF uplink units would talk now and again about how the 'RF module' was a bare push-pull power FET stage connected pretty much directly to the antenna. The uplink was a time division system over all units using that frequency everywhere in the UK and Ireland, and had such a miniscule duty cycle that neither any ATU nor any heatsinking was required for the RF stage.

I would love to have actually seen one, but none came into the workshop in the year I was around as they were, quite literally, bomb-proof.
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