OpenVMS notes

This page is mostly a reminder for myself.

I used Peter Hicks's tutorial on setting up OpenVMS on a Raspberry Pi to install SIMH and OpenVMS.

I used Phillip Wherry's tutorial to fill in the gaps – like how to get TCP/IP to start up when the emulated VAX boots.

The HP hobbyist licensing scheme has apparently ended, and VAX VMS is no longer supported.

There is an example hobbyist licence (without the keys) on the VCFED forum. This lists the 112 PAK features which a Hobbyist licence would enable.

show device will show a list of all devices the system knows about.

  • [000000] is the root directory of a device.
    • DIR SIMH$DUA0:[000000] will show the root directory on device DUA0.
    • DIR [000000] will show the root directory on SYS$SYSROOT and SYS$COMMON
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