VideoCrypt decoder chipsets

The VideoCrypt decoder chipset went through several design revisions. These revisions mostly appear to have been made to reduce manufacturing costs.

First generation decoders include:

  • Amstrad SRD-500
  • Thomson/Ferguson SVA-1 (original Sky external decoder)
  • Thomson/Ferguson SRV-1 integrated satellite receiver-decoder
  • Pace PRD-800 (and rebrands e.g. Thomson SRD14, Hitachi)
  • Thomson SRD14 (Pace PRD-800 variant for Multichoice)

These receivers use a loosely-integrated chipset with separate A/D and D/A converters, FIFOs and optionally a pass-through buffer.

Function Common part designator Manufacturer part number Alternative part numbers
VBI demultiplexer-decoder IW03 Motorola: MC6805U3 ZC404044
TCE10705400 / 10705400 (SRV1)
SGS-Thomson: EF6805U3 ZC404047
TCE 10150020 (SRD14 VideoCrypt-2/Multichoice)
Verifier (smartcard MCU) IW05 Intel 8052B or equivalent (usually Intel or Siemens) TCE 90157800 (SVA1?)
Ferguson 70156400 (SRV1, SRD4)
Matra MHS P-80C52FBGD TCE 10150030 (SRD14 VideoCrypt-2/Multichoice)
On-screen display IW02 Mitsubishi M50450-035P (datasheet in Japanese) TCE VCT01
Ferguson 20188800 (SRV1)
EEPROM (optional) 9306B (usually not fitted)
VideoCrypt gate array IW01 IST 1) : TCE PTV-2 Ferguson 50315700 (SRV1, SRD4)
TC110G03 (Amstrad SRD500)
SGS-Thomson: TCE PTV-3
A-D converter IV01 Philips TDA8703 Ferguson 50038800 (SRV1, SRD4)
GEC-Plessey / Zarlink SP973T8 (Pace PRD-800/900)
D-A converter IV06 Philips TDA8702 Ferguson 20054200 (SRV1)
Ferguson 46004700 (SRD4)
GEC-Plessey / Zarlink MV95308 (Pace PRD-800 / PRD-900)
Video FIFOs 2x NEC uPD41101 Ferguson 10157400 (SRV1, SRD4)
FIFO Bypass Buffer 74ALS541 (usually not fitted) Ferguson 70018800 (SRV1, SRD4)
Sync separator IL01 Philips or ST TEA2029C
ST TEA2130 109-0011101 (Pace PRD-800/PRD-900)
Smartcard interface Discrete components

80C52 Verifiers need to have pins 18 and 19 swapped when fitted to a receiver which is designed for an 8052 Verifier.

The Gen1.5 decoders are a stepping-stone between Gen1 and Gen2 decoders.

The OSD chip has been replaced with an 8-bit-wide part similar to the one used in the Gen2 receivers, and the VBI decoder microcontroller (which also handles OSD) has been updated to match. All other parts are the same as in Gen1 decoders.

Examples of this type of decoder:

  • Ferguson SRD2 and SRD4
Function Manufacturer part number Alternative part numbers
VBI demultiplexer-decoder Ferguson 20390100 (SRD4)
On-screen display Mitsubishi M50452A-037P (Pace Prima)
Fujitsu MB88303 :?: (same pinout)
Ferguson 70352500 (SRD4)
Thomson PTV114 (Pace MSS-1000)

Second-generation decoders integrate the ADC, FIFOs, DAC and gate array into a single 42-pin Shrink-DIP packaged chip, the PTV110.

Examples of this decoder:

  • Amstrad/Fidelity SRD950
  • Pace MSS-500 series
  • Pace MSS-1000 series (e.g. MSS-1001P)
  • Pace Prima
  • Thomson TSR-710 (Ferguson SRD6)
  • Thomson TD-200V decoder
Function Common part designator Manufacturer part number Alternative part numbers
VBI demultiplexer-decoder U8 (MSS-1000) :?: – 28-pin microcontroller, suspected to be a 6805 or 68HC05 derivative PTV112 (VideoCrypt-1 / Sky)
ST Micro TCE 10111410 / PTV112 (VideoCrypt-1 / Sky - Pace MSS-500)
PTV212 (VideoCrypt-2 / Multichoice - Pace Prima)
IW01 (TD-200V) Motorola TCE 10318280 (Multichoice - Thomson TD200V)
IW01 → IW04 → IW05 (TSR-710) 68HC05C8 on carrier board (integrated main MCU and VBI demux)
Verifier (smartcard MCU) U9 (MSS-1000)
IC02 (TSR-710, TD-200V)
Intel 8052B or equivalent (usually Intel or Siemens, or MHS P-80C52CCBH-12)
TSR-710 describes this as “Verifier, multi-language”
PTV115 (VideoCrypt-1 / Sky)
PTV215 (VideoCrypt-2 / Multichoice - Pace Prima, TD-200V)
On-screen display U6 (MSS-1000) Mitsubishi M50452A-037P (Pace Prima)
Fujitsu MB88303 :?: (same pinout)
Mitsubishi TCE 10117180 (TD-200V)
IV02 (TSR-710) Mitsubishi M35010
VideoCrypt gate array U5 (MSS-1000) PTV110
Smartcard interface U3 (MSS-1000, Card Reader PCB) SGS-Thomson L6605 :?: (same pinout) PTV113
TCE 10085620
Sync separator IL01 (TSR-710) SGS-Thomson TEA2130 :?: (same pinout) PTV111

The 6805 microcontroller is as yet unidentified. Options include:

  • 68HC05E1 / MC68HC705E1
  • 68HC05P1A
  • 68HC05P3
  • 68HC05P4
  • 68HC05P6
  • 68HC05P7
  • 68HC05P8
  • 68HC05P9
  • XC68HC05P18
  • MC68HC05PE0
  • XC68HC05RC16

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