Digital Palette camera back interface pinout


Picture Connector type Location
8 PIN DIN (DIN45326) FEMALE at the film recorder
8 PIN DIN (DIN45326) MALE at the camera back cable
Pin number
Name Wire colour Function
1 CBVCC Brown 5V DC supply
2 $\overline{\rm CBADV}$ Red Camera Back Advance
Low (active): open the shutter.
L→H: advance the film.
Driver: SN75477 (HR-6000), 2SC3072 (CI-5000). Abs Max 200mA (CI) or 300mA (HR).
Requires a ~20k pull-up to +5V (If it isn't pulled up, the CFR will report “out of film”).
3 GND Orange Ground
($\overline{\rm ENDOFFLM}$)
Yellow Camera Back Data 1
For 35mm, “End of Film”:
High indicates OK, Low indicates no film, camera back open or camera error
5 CBDATA2 Green Camera Back Data 2
6 CBDATA3 Blue Camera Back Data 3
Polaroid schematic calls this “DRKSLIDE”.
7 CBDATA4 Violet (or black) Camera Back Data 4
8 N/C White
CBDATA Truth table
X 1 1 X Pack Film (or no camera back)
Packfilm back does not have a cable, so all pins float.
X 1 0 X 4×5
4×5 seems to only indicate its ID
FILM 0 1 X 35mm
CBDATA1 indicates out-of-film (0=OK, 1=no film)
CBDATA4 is don't-care; Polaroid R6000 backs leave it floating
X 0 0 X Integral
Seems to only indicate its ID
1: Floating
0: Short to ground
X: Don't care
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