Solidoodle 2

Per SoliWiki's list of compatible hardware:

Axis Motor
X SM35HT36-1004A NEMA-14: Single shaft, 1.8°/step, 2.0V 1.0A, 19 Oz-in (134mN.m) holding torque, 4-lead
Y SM42HT33-1334A NEMA-17: Single shaft, 1.8°/step, 2.8V 1.33A, 30 Oz-in (220 mN.m) holding torque, 4-lead

I replaced the stock Y-axis motor with one from WeDo3DPrinting when I fitted the direct-drive mod. I did the same with the X-axis motor when I replaced the carriage. This means the current motor setup is:

Axis Motor
X 35SHD0102-20B, NEMA-14: Single shaft, 1.8°/step, 4.35V 0.75A, 150mN.m, 4-lead
Y 42SHD0404-22, NEMA-17: Single shaft, 1.8°/step, 3V 1.5A, 480mN.m, 4-lead
Z Original
Extruder Original :?:

Holding torque comparison:

  • X: new motor 150mN.m vs. original 134mN.m
  • Y: new motor 480mN.m vs. original 212mn.m

New motors awaiting installation:

  • Z-axis: Precision Maker MTR-N17-48, NEMA-17. 1.8-degree (200 step). 3.4V 1.7A, 520 mN.m

The microstep jumpers are located under the driver boards. See this for a photo.

Installing a jumper sets the given mode line high. Removing it sets the mode line low.

Microstep settings with the DRV8825 drivers:

MODE2 (MS3) MODE1 (MS2) MODE0 (MS1) Microstep resolution
0 0 0 Full step
0 0 1 Half step
0 1 0 1/4 step
0 1 1 1/8 step
1 0 0 1/16 step
1 0 1 1/32 step
1 1 0 1/32 step
1 1 1 1/32 step
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