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Micro Professor by Lee Davison


I got this Z80 based single board computer in a swap for an Acorn Electron system. I'd wanted one when they came out but as a lowly student on a grant I couldn't afford one.

Here are the circuit diagrams, a large jpeg picture of the Micro Professor itself and dumps of the ROMs from the two I MPF1s I have. These are the original Multitech board and not the version Flite Electronics still sell.

I hope in the future to add diagrams of all the add on boards and details of other projects for this computer.

  • The Micro Professor A large jpeg image.

  • View the circuit, sheet 1 of 4.
  • View the circuit, sheet 2 of 4.
  • View the circuit, sheet 3 of 4.
  • View the circuit, sheet 4 of 4.
  • Download all the diagrams in one zip file. [Download]
  • ROM images.
    Of the two MPF-1Bs I have one came with a version of BASIC and two ROMs, the other was used as a Z80 trainer and had just the one ROM. I don't have the manual for the either machine so know little of how to use the BASIC or what the code examples that seem to fill the top half of the trainer ROM do.

  • Two ROMs from the BASIC equipped MPF in Intel hex[Download] and binary[Download]
  • The ROM from the MPF Z80 trainer in Intel hex[Download] and binary[Download]
  • Micro Professor peripherals.
  • The EPROM programmer board.
  • The Input/Output board.
  • The printer board.
  • The sound generator board.

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    Last page update: 23rd May, 2003.