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Micronic 1000 by Lee Davison

The Micronic 1000.

I got this Z80 based handheld computer from Greenweld Electronics just before they went bust a few years back. Since then I've hacked at it on and off trying to get it to do something usefull.

So far I've discovered it uses a version of banked CPM as it's OS. The internal version number is 2.3 but it differs from vanilla CPM as it boots into an application held in ROM that was probably written for the original customer.

What I do have is partly disassembled listings for both the ROMs that came in the unit and a, fairly simple, monitor program that allows memory viewing, editing, hex dump and also allows you to run your own code. It also allows all the paged memory to be examined.

What I have is available here for download. If you do find anything more of this unit please let me know.

  • Micron1.zip Binary and disassembly of the 1st ROM
  • Micron1.zip Binary and disassembly of the 2nd ROM
  • Micrmon.zip Binary and assembly file for the simple monitor

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