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Here are, in no particular order of merit, some of the sites that I either find usefull or refer to this site or both.
One of the primary 6502 sites. You can get almost anywhere from here and it should probably be the first place you look for 6502 related information.
Probably the best general purpose 6502 integrated developement environment for a Windows based platform.
Michal Kowalski has updated this a number of times and it has become a 'couldn't do without' tool.
Daryl's 65C02 Single board Computer.
Daryl has a couple of designs for 65C02 single board computers. His SBC-2 has run EhBASIC and there is also a version of EhBASIC for his 65C02 simulator.
From Shimizu-Lab. A core that can run EhBASIC.
"m65 is provided as a synthesizable soft IP core under GPL. The description language is SFL and can be synthesized for any FPGA such as ALTERA or Xilinx. When synthesized for ALTERA FLEX10K series, it will fit within 600 logic cells."
Bird Computer http://www.birdcomputer.ca/index.html have a 6502 core that can run EhBASIC. Note that due to the lack of decimal mode the HEX$() command won't work properly.
TABOO Productions http://taboo.eu.org/ is a graphically intense but rather content limited site. It hasn't been updated in ages but has tha saving grace that TASS 1.31, the assembler I prefer to use, is available from the download page.

Easy68k. Probably the best general purpose 68k integrated developement environment for a Windows based platform. You can also get the source for this program and compile it for your favourite platform.
Another 'couldn't do without' tool.
Hans Summers web pages.
This site has many interesting projects including the CPCNG prototype design page, an Amstrad CPC - Next Generation comaptible machine, and an IDE interface for it.

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