[Return to top] If only everything in life was as reliable as a VW By Lee Davison.

VW + Tree = ...

What to say? Well, I wasn't the driver for one, I was the passenger (and, for those of you who drive on the wrong side of the road, the passenger side is the almost completely mangled side).

That nice fold through the door and across the roof was done by a tree, which escaped with only minor scuffing. I reached my personal best for both most fractures in one go (nose - 3 places, left collarbone - 1 clean break, 1 shattered break, left humerous - 1 main break (lengthways) plus many fragments) and most stitches needed for one incident (11 in my scalp, 19 external + unknown internal to repair the left elbow).

Most of the metalwork that held my arm together has been removed, one (large) screw remains. It's too deep to remove without major surgery, so is best left in place.

If I ever find the prints I took from my X-rays I'll post them as well.

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