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Enhanced 68k BASIC by Lee Davison

Enhanced BASIC is a BASIC interpreter for the 68k family microprocessors. It is constructed to be quick and powerful and easily ported between 68k systems. It requires few resources to run and includes instructions to facilitate easy low level handling of hardware devices. It also retains most of the powerful high level instructions from similar BASICs.

Enhanced BASIC is designed to be a stand alone language for 68k based SBCs such as the Dartboard control pcb available from Greenweld Electronics.

EhBASIC represents hundreds of hours work, first on the original 6502 version and later on porting that to the 68k.

EhBASIC is free but not copyright free. For non commercial use there is only one restriction, any derivative work should include, in any binary image distributed, the string "Derived from EhBASIC" and in any distribution that includes human readable files a file that includes the above string in a human readable form e.g. not as a comment in an HTML file.

For commercial use please contact me, Lee Davison for conditions.

  • Update

  • Requirements
  • Language reference
  • How to use
  • Starting BASIC
  • Advanced techniques
  • Extending CALL
  • Using USR()
  • Useful routines
  • Internals

  • Example programs
  • Source
  • Download version 1.10 source [Download].

    This source is a version that will work on the excellent EASy68k Assembly Language Programming Tool from Professor Kelly at Monroe County Community College but is only a generic version and does not use any of the graphics or sound features available in EASy68k. For a more full featured version go here.

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