GI CFT-2000 and CFT-2100

These analog cable receivers were commonly used in the UK market by NTL and MK Cable. The CFT2143/102/RC/UK/A seems to be the model most commonly deployed in the UK.

Branding on these was General Instrument; the Jerrold brand was omitted.

  • System ROM: 27C512, encrypted (encryption is trivial)
  • Main CPU: W65C02S core, possibly in the form of a custom ASIC (like the BSB ACM)

The display board carries:

  • An infrared receiver
  • Two Liteon LTD-6910HR dual 7-segment LED displays
    • The left display is mounted with the decimal points at the top
    • The right display is mounted with the decimal points at the bottom
  • A 74LS164 shift register
  • Several driver transistors.

The interface to the motherboard consists of:

  • Display 1,2,3,4 drive enable (4 pins)
  • Clock and data to 74LS164
  • Infrared signal to main PCB

:!: TODO: Segment to data bit map

:!: TODO: list of capacitors

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