Hobbymat MD65 lathe

An old but sturdy east-German (DDR/GDR) metalworking lathe. It was also sold with slight build variations as the following:

  • Proxxon MD65
  • Proxxon SD300
  • Prazi MD65
  • Prazi SD300
  • SU300 Masterturn

Surprisingly enough it's still on sale –

I've scanned the manuals which came with my MD65.

  • MD65 manual – scanned and cleaned up by myself.
    • Some cheeky people have been printing this and selling copies on ebay… save yourself the money and download it here for free!
    • This particular MD65 manual isn't branded Hobbymat on the front page. I'm not sure why this is!

I'm looking for the instructions for the tumbler reverse gear accessory – especially the change gear details. Please email philpem@gmail.com if you have these and can provide a copy.

  • Headstock: MT2 (Morse Taper)
  • Tailstock: MT1 (Morse Taper)
  • MD65
    • 8 x 425 mm
    • 8 x 375 mm
  • Essel Engineering slow-speed kit
    • 6 x 335 mm

The above drive belts are (at the time of writing) available from Essel Engineering.

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